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How to make assorted chocolates

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               Ever since chocolate was discovered, people have had a craving for it. This desire led them to create more flavors that will further add savory taste to their favorite chocolate. And today’s luxury chocolate takes people’s addiction to a whole new level, especially among children. There were already many tasteful twists generated to manufacture class chocolates that quench the taste buds of the people. And high technology is needed in order to produce these appetizing sweets.

                To create butter cream chocolate, first, add marshmallow cream, lots of pure butter, sugar and syrup. Mix it with water, vanilla and special yeast enzyme that completes the recipe. This enzyme will enhance the creaminess. Tuck the butter cream between ridge rollers which shape the creamy columns. A wire slices them into bite size nuggets. Tap the butter creams to uniform height. Chocolates lose up through the slides of the conveyer to coat the bottom of the creams. Then it’s on to a cold surface to solidify. Next, the creams travel through two curtains of chocolates while being coated at the bottoms again.  Finally, a trip to a twenty four and a half foot long cooling tunnel hardens the chocolates. Then the worker uses his or her hand to add a garnish to the chocolate. And as you see those finish products, you cannot deny that you want to ingest those luscious treats.

                If you want to have another flavor of the chocolate, cherry chocolates for example, first, you just load the cherries or the other flavors into a revolving pen. Add sugar crystals and as the cherries roll around, they get an even coating. Along with the sugar, these cherries have been coated with a special enzyme that will turn the sugar to liquid over the next ten days for juicier cherry taste. The enzyme effect is why the cherries get an extra coating of chocolate. It creates a solid shell that contains the sugary liquid. Again, the worker uses his or her hand for the final touch of the chocolate. And they are ready for those cherry-picking shopaholics. You can do this procedure again with the other flavors that you want.

                In packaging the chocolates, each box of chocolate contains eighteen to twenty different varieties. Since the workers make three to four flavours a day, it can take up a week to produce one of the luxurious assortments.

                For sure, people would eat up greedily in no time. For the costumers, seeing chocolates are like feast in their eyes. Surely they don’t want to miss to endure one of the most luxurious desire, chocolates.



By Dianne Ysabel Deoso, Jemmarie Lanson and Princess Faith Lamsin



How to be a Great Roommate

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by: Inah Marie Santos & Jocel Degala

How to be a Great Roommate


            Living with siblings is not really bad. You’ve got other people to watch your back, get to mischief together and live our life to the fullest. Whenever you’ve got problems, they help by understanding you and hope that whatever you do may be for the best but when you have siblings you should learn to share everything, literally. So if you’re sharing a room with your siblings it won’t be hard to adjust but if you’re having a problem sharing a room at the dormitory or in your boarding house, let me share you something that will make your college days easier.   Here it is;

First, you’ve got to be clear from the beginning. Tell them that you’re a neat freak. You’re uncomfortable sleeping with the lights on and that you need ten minutes after you wake up to start talking. Tell them all your quirks and preferences. You may not expect them to pick it up right away and understand it but at least you prevented a problem before it became one. 

Second, address things when they are still small/little. Does your room mate always forgets her stuff in the shower and borrows yours instead? Does she always borrow your clothes before you can even wash them? Telling them about these things that bugs you while they are still small will help them be aware of your anxieties and addressing them while it’s still small will be easier before it gets bigger.

Third, you should respect each other’s stuff. This may seem simple but this is the most common reason why roommates experience conflicts. Don’t you think she will mind if you borrow her cardigan, for all you know you may be crossing a very uncrossable line. Don’t borrow, use or take anything before asking a permission first.

Fourth, be friendly, without expecting to be best friends. I mean it would be great to be best friends with them but don’t go into relationships with them and expect that you’re gonna’ be best of friends while you’re at school. It would be great but expecting will put you both in trouble.  You could be friendly with them but also make sure you have your own social circles.


And lastly, if nothing else happens, follow the Golden Rule. Treat your roommate like you’d like to be treated. No matter what your relationship is at the end of the year, you can take comfort knowing you acted like an adult and treated your roommate with respect.

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts if you’re living with another person, but that is what a roommate agreement is for.  Respect is ultimately what it comes down to. To be a good roommate you need to have the common decency to respect the person you’re living with. Even if you don’t get along, treating them like a human being with a life of their own is the least you can do. You don’t have to be best friends that hang out every day, but you also don’t have to be bitter enemies. So take the initiative and be the good roommate.