by John Froy tabingo

How to let go and move on

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            Many of us experience misfortunes in life just like, failing in an examination; unable to get a job, can’t provide families needs even  those the basic one’s but the most heart breaking experience is when the person you love the most leaves you without explaining why.

            Numerous people who encounter this kind of experience failed to overcome the intense emotion that they feel so they began to lose their hopes and tend to ruin their lives completely. By starting not to attend in class, doing dirty and immoral things, taking alcoholic beverages and addictive drugs and to the extent that some of them try to end their lives. Because of these unavoidable events, experts came up with ideas that can lessen and overcome the depression one may feel. 

            Holding on is like believing that there is only past; letting go and moving on is knowing that there a is bright future ahead within your heart (Paulo Coelho). Thus it is important to know something when it already reached its end. It doesn’t matter what you called this kind of experience, what matters is to leave in the past those moments in the life that are over.

            First, one should accept the truth and be thankful be thankful of the experience that made you laugh, made you cry because this things helped you grow and accepting the things that you have and the possibilities that lies ahead. It is all about finding your inner strength and realizing that every experience has its value.

            Second, distance yourself for a while, sometimes you need to take a break and explore new things for a while in order to gain clarity on a situation. This will help you started and see things with new eyes, because returning from where you started is far different from leaving.

            Next, focus only on what can be changed, understanding that everything in life is not perfectly meant for each other. Focus on the things that you can do and don’t waste your energy on the things that you cannot be changed.

            Then, claim ownership and full control of your life, you are the one responsible in making who you wanted to be. Blamed everything that you wanted to like, your parents, educational system, the government and etc., but never blame yourself. If you want to move on and let go within your life, you are the only person who can make it happen.

            Followed by, focusing inward. It is good to create difference in this world and it is also good to help other person but you have to start within yourself. Review your potentials, lifestyle and the things that make you alive, and then nurture these things to make positive adjustments in your life.

            After that, you should change some people around you, some people are just there to strengthen you, and they are supposed to be in your memory not your destiny. Well now it’s already time to join local meet- ups, attend conference and other social activities. It was very important because it develops your happiness and potentials.

            In addition you have to take chance, it means that you have to accept the challenge that may come in to your life, there is reason for it; it is meant to test your courage and willingness to make change and take a chance for something new.

            Lastly, focus on today, life moves only in one direction- forward. Negative experience in the past will not predict your future. Figure out your next positive step no matter how small and difficult it is. Just keep on moving forward it’s the only thing you can do.

            Moving on is not an easy task to do, it is a process that deals with time, and self determination. Therefore for those people experiencing this kind of heart- breaking moments they should follow the steps presented above for the betterment of one’s self. Past is past, life should must be learn backward and must look forward. Let go of the things that made you cry and think of things that makes you smile. 

by: Tabingo, John Froy Mico Grey Pugaja and Carlito Vicente