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What Made Our Walls Durable: hollow blocks

A concrete block is primarily used as building material in the constructions of walls. It is also a new innovative technology in the building infrastructure. These concrete hollow blocks are a better substitute to work faster to build a structure with long lasting value. This will give a different look and to less your energy and making a eco friendly atmosphere in the building.
Concrete hollow blocks is a mixture of powdered Portland cement, water, sand and gravel. The production of concrete blocks consists of four basic processes. These are proportioning, mixing, compacting, curing, and drying.
Proportioning refers to the determination of suitable amounts of raw materials needed to produce concrete of desired quality under given conditions of mixing, placing and curing is known as proportioning. Mixing refers to the objective of thorough mixing of aggregates, cement and water is to ensure that the cement-water paste completely covers the surface of the aggregates. All the raw materials including water are collected in a concrete mixer, which is rotated for about 1 ½ minutes. The prepared mix is discharged from the mixer and consumed within 30 minutes. Compacting refers to the purpose of filling all air pockets with concrete as a whole without movement of free water through the concrete. Curing refers to the removing of the concrete from the mould and protected until they are sufficiently hardened to permit handling without damage. Drying refers to the dry out gradually of the blocks in shade so that the initial drying shrinkage of the blocks is completed before they are used in the construction work.
So, here are the step by step guides on how to make concrete hollow blocks.
First, to make a concrete blocks, you will need to set up concrete moulds to make your blocks in a particular shape. You will need water for a cement to form a hardened paste and it is also used to lubricate the aggregates to form a plastic and workable mass. Then use concrete mixer to mix clean sand with cement. Add crashed limestone or gravel to the mixer and slowly add water. Stir it. Pour the concrete into the mould carefully. Level the top with the trowel. Then remove it from the mould by pressing it down as you are pulling up on the mould. Generally a period of 7 to 15 days of drying will bring the blocks to the desired degree of dryness to complete their initial shrinkage. After this, the blocks are ready for use in construction work.
Using of concrete blocks provides facility for concealing electrical conduit, water and sewer pipes wherever so desired and requires less plastering. It is also durable, fire resistance and partial resistance to sound. It has an attractive appearance, and adaptable to any style of architecture.
Concrete blocks is a human technology that suites for our lifestyle in this advance world where everything is posible.

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