Man Made Marvels

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Man Made Marvels

They say it soon to be “World’s Biggest Dome and Largest Indoor Arena and Theater: The Philippine Arena”
They said that this project the Philippine Arena is an indoor arena being constructed and the location of this is at the Ciudad de Victoria, with a 75-hectare tourism enterprise zone in Bocaue and Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines and the seating capacity is up to 50,000 to 55,000 people and the world biggest dome so far has only 20,000 seating capacity but this is world breaking. It causes for almost 9.1Billion Pesos. This was owned by the Iglesia Ni Cristo and use as the centerpiece of the many events and centennial projects in upcoming July 27, 2014.
But the story about this that this is an Earth quake proof. The Philippine arena built on 99,200 square meters of it land and this will have a dome of 36,000 square meters. The roof will almost span for some 160 meters and 150 meters only smaller in diameter than they said in the newest Stadium with almost 310meters in Singapore, but the good thing of this it will contain 9,000 tons of steel which is come from Korea. It will be assembled at the site and will be erected up to its final position 62 meters in height, or about fifteen stories high according to them. The building will be safely founded on pile construction for earthquake loads.
Philippine Arena is record breaking manmade marvel for the use as a hall of the Iglesia Ni Cristo activities for the hundred anniversaries or the centennial anniversary of the church. The contractors of this is the New San Jose Builders were only given a 2years or 24 months to finish the arena, they say that the Philippine arena was one of the fastest construction compelled by them and it was very challenging in their part because of the timeline given by them. According to them the normal construction period is 30months but they only given 24months, this is the project that they really can’t move. But one also of the very challenging role of them is the resign and land escape of the dome.
Architect said that the building was so safe for the people to come in and moving out or even also watching the show because even the energy of the 50,000 people can be accommodated by the building. Every inch of the structure insuring the safety of the people not only through crowd management on a massive scale, they assure that there is, no panic, no stampedes, no bottle necks when there is fast exists because so many exists, concourse and stairs.
Lastly this is a man made marvel because even a such kind of intensity 8.0 level of earthquake the building will not be damage of even crack but the instance when there is earthquake the building will be move together with the land and the roof stays because there is a leading rubber bearing that serve as the controller under the building. It was really amazing and surprising for the people especially the Filipinos because Philippines will be known because of land mark that they are only had.


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